Angry Rant.....

So about 2 months ago some dumb mother fucker and his daughter that's just learning to read come to my work... she reads a sticker on my car... a sticker that reads "fuck white supremacy" to be exact... he gets all huffy-puffy because he "knows" it's that spikey haired guy's car... he goes to my store manager and bitches... she's cool though and just says park somewhere customers can't see it or cover it up... it's my freedom of expression but i understand so i chose a new parking location... well no problems i even add a "fuck mtv" sticker... no problems until last thursday that is... he comes back even more angry, takes pictures of my car, and says that if they are not removed by tuesday then he is sending them to the corporate office and trying to get me fired... my boss freaks and says cover them or remove them... i have decided to cover them for the time being... a piece of poster board cut out like the shape of the window they are on that reads "What was I supposed to learn from this experience? Was it that my inherent rights to freedom of speech and expression are only viable as long as no one disagrees?" now covers my stickers... i have talk to a high school teacher, 2 people somewhat knowledgeable in the legality of this, a lawyer, and I am in the process of contacting the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)... If my rights are being violated, which all of the people that I have talked to are in agreement they are, then I am removing the posterboard... and when that man that comes to look at my car comes again I am going to do what Jello Biafra advised... "use the laws of your enemies to your advantage"... I am going to file stalking charges on the mother fucker... Well... now that I typed all that I have calmed down a bit... gnite all....

P.S. I thought I'd post here too because we don't get many and this is quasi-interesting...
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What I wanted to be when I grew up seemed to chang every other day.. it went from Dentist to Chiropractor to Fire Man to Police Officer to Real Estate Agent and others..

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well played around witht he colors again what do you think look ok?well no one is updating in here we are losers...
question of the day=what did you want to be when you grew up?
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you happy now..

age: 21
location: OKC, ok
sex: M
random stuff....
5 fav bands: Weakerthans, SummersLastRegret, Taking Back Sunday, Hi Standard, and Bad Religion..
5 fav books: I don't read
5 fav movies: Battle Royale, umm.. others.. I can't think
best concert: any of the times I've seen Bad Religion i think
fav piece of clothing: N/A.. maybe my plugs.. don't know my RX shirt that I don't know what it means
fav color: depends on what for. green.. but if it's for a shirt, red
fav food: don't know.. something light.. like salad.. i don't like filling full
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: prochoice.. there are plenty of reason for people to abort.. sefa sex is a better chioce.. but dumb people don't understand that
-same sex marrige: go for it.. why should I tell someone who they can or can't fall in love with
-racism: i think people should be judged as individuals not as a group
-straight edge: I think I may become unofficially edge. if I can stop drinking
-bush?: just misunderstood.. lol
okay now just more random stuff...
tattoos or piercings: got em
whats your most embarrising moment: the jesse's comeing in while I was taking a crap.. not that I really even noticed..
whats you fav cartoon: aqua teen
whats your the wierdest thing you do: you tell me

okay now at least two pics of yourself thanks!!!

umm.. I'm too lazy to upload pics

survey shiznit for shizzle

age: 20
location: Birmingham england u fucking k
sex: female
random stuff....
5 fav bands: x ray spex, blood for blood, lunachicks, gbh and rancid
5 fav books: the wasp factory-ian banks, englands dreaming, lost souls- poppy z brite, the complete works and nots of patti smith and little girl lost drew barrymore
5 fav movies: labyrinth, leon (the professional), Donnie darko, army of darkness and braindead
best concert: holidays in the sun festival – cocksparrer <3
fav piece of clothing: my leopard cons
fav color: green
fav food: italian
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: im pro choice a woman shouldn’t bring a baby into this worl unless she is gonna take charge and love and care for that child otherwise its just adding to the bitterness of the world. A woman should have the right to choose.
-same sex marrige: im not big on marriage but yeah definetly up for it just because u fall in love with someone that has the same genitals as u doesn’t mean u shouldn’t be able to get married.
-racism: is for stupid ignorant scared people I really belive its all about fearing what is different and therefore they act out angrily its just sad. We are all the same colour once u rip our skin off.
-straight edge: im far from edge but I respect people who choose not to drink etc again its about choices
-bush?: tony blair needs to get his head out of that fuckin guys ass and start running this fucking country properly
okay now just more random stuff...
tattoos or piercings: piercings- lip on the side,Madonna and ears …no tattoos as yet but working on it ;)
whats your most embarrising moment: pukein all over the casualties haha now ait that was fun
whats you fav cartoon: thundercats but out of new stuff im diggin all the weird cartoon network stuff
whats your the wierdest thing you do: lust after emo boys
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Joining the fray...

age: 21
location: okc,oklahoma
sex: male
random stuff....
5 fav bands: Nekromantix, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murpheys, & The Germs
5 fav books: Lies my teacher told me...
5 fav movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Pao, Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Clockwork Orange, & Labyrinth
best concert: Dropkick Murpheys & The Casualties
fav piece of clothing: My Jacket
fav color: dunno at the moment
fav food: chinese
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: women have the right to do as they please in this area
-same sex marriage: more power to them... rock the gayness
-racism: bad, bad, thing... i dislike racism
-sexism: sexism also a bad thing
-straight edge: i drink... tis all... drinkin's fun... drugs are bad
-bush?: i won't even start on that corporation-controlled-idiot-son-of-an-asshole
okay now just more random stuff...
tattoos or piercings: one tattoo
whats your most embarrissing moment: dunno i may post later when i can think of it
whats you fav cartoon: ed,edd,& eddy
whats your the weirdest thing you do: dunno ask ree
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