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Joining the fray...

age: 21
location: okc,oklahoma
sex: male
random stuff....
5 fav bands: Nekromantix, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murpheys, & The Germs
5 fav books: Lies my teacher told me...
5 fav movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Pao, Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Clockwork Orange, & Labyrinth
best concert: Dropkick Murpheys & The Casualties
fav piece of clothing: My Jacket
fav color: dunno at the moment
fav food: chinese
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: women have the right to do as they please in this area
-same sex marriage: more power to them... rock the gayness
-racism: bad, bad, thing... i dislike racism
-sexism: sexism also a bad thing
-straight edge: i drink... tis all... drinkin's fun... drugs are bad
-bush?: i won't even start on that corporation-controlled-idiot-son-of-an-asshole
okay now just more random stuff...
tattoos or piercings: one tattoo
whats your most embarrissing moment: dunno i may post later when i can think of it
whats you fav cartoon: ed,edd,& eddy
whats your the weirdest thing you do: dunno ask ree
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