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survey shiznit for shizzle

age: 20
location: Birmingham england u fucking k
sex: female
random stuff....
5 fav bands: x ray spex, blood for blood, lunachicks, gbh and rancid
5 fav books: the wasp factory-ian banks, englands dreaming, lost souls- poppy z brite, the complete works and nots of patti smith and little girl lost drew barrymore
5 fav movies: labyrinth, leon (the professional), Donnie darko, army of darkness and braindead
best concert: holidays in the sun festival – cocksparrer <3
fav piece of clothing: my leopard cons
fav color: green
fav food: italian
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: im pro choice a woman shouldn’t bring a baby into this worl unless she is gonna take charge and love and care for that child otherwise its just adding to the bitterness of the world. A woman should have the right to choose.
-same sex marrige: im not big on marriage but yeah definetly up for it just because u fall in love with someone that has the same genitals as u doesn’t mean u shouldn’t be able to get married.
-racism: is for stupid ignorant scared people I really belive its all about fearing what is different and therefore they act out angrily its just sad. We are all the same colour once u rip our skin off.
-straight edge: im far from edge but I respect people who choose not to drink etc again its about choices
-bush?: tony blair needs to get his head out of that fuckin guys ass and start running this fucking country properly
okay now just more random stuff...
tattoos or piercings: piercings- lip on the side,Madonna and ears …no tattoos as yet but working on it ;)
whats your most embarrising moment: pukein all over the casualties haha now ait that was fun
whats you fav cartoon: thundercats but out of new stuff im diggin all the weird cartoon network stuff
whats your the wierdest thing you do: lust after emo boys
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