Destruction_and_Doom (deadkndyschik) wrote in uglyasspunks,

age: i5

location: southern cali

sex: female

random stuff....

5 fav bands: dead kennedys, crass, subhumans, rudimentary peni, citizen fish.

5 fav books: umm 5 love and death: the murder of kurt cobain, curious george books, sorry i dont really read that much, movies are easier, and only like 2 hours long, the only books i like to really read are in school and they arent really that good.

5 fav movies: big daddy, kingpin, something about mary, happy gilmore, and alot of scrary movies.

best concert: dropkick murphys/sex pistols at sd- street scene awesome show.
fav piece of clothing: my camo jacket w/my patches (dks, the exploited, nofx, crass)
fav color: alot, just not brown, or like pastel colors eeew. i like darks and brights.
fav food: in n out, or mexican, r anyhing w/french fries.
okay now for views on life .....
-abortion: its your opinion not the governments, they already have enough control over your life so why that too, and its a relly big decision, that you should make for your self.

-same sex marriage: of course, why not, i mean if thats who you want to spend the rest of your life with then why do they take that away from you. i think religion plays too much of a role in government now. i mean seriously what happened to "separation of church and state"

-racism:no im against it totally. why do people get so hostile against others because of the color of their skin. why dont we learn from crayons, theyre all different colors, but yet they still have to live in the same box together and they cant do anything about it. so i still dont get it, how can you hate someone you have never met, and worse how can you hate the whole race of people.

-sexism:thats almost as bad, but its sad how in some places men get better pay for the same work, i really think we need to be paying more attention to equality of people more than if two gay guys wanna get married, theyre not hurting anyone so let them do it. but we should be funding important things, the ones that really matter. i mean its our tax money and its getting used to support the president and his meaningless war or evil and all his funding on gay marriage.

-straight edge: again do what you want but really, come on you only live once.

-bush?: a monster, must i say anything else i mean i get scared when i see him on tv, laugh them im like oh shit hes my president then i think what was everyone thinking are they blind or stupid or both.

okay now just more random stuff...

tattoos or piercings:no sorry, not yet.

whats your most embarrising moment:
in 4th grade, on picture day my teacher was really mean, and then i was in line and i really had to go to the bathroom, and she wouldnt let me, then when i was getting ready to take my pic (oh yea it was one where you have to kneel down, mm hmm that helped.) and of course i pissed myself.

whats you fav cartoon: THE SIMPSONS!!!!

whats your the wierdest thing you do: i get really mean if i hadnt had my diet coke, my brothers get scared, im addicted.

okay now at least two pics of yourself thanks!!!

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